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Our award-winning Limited Edition Organic Honey from Fir is harvested in the Mainalo mountain region of Greece.

Unlike traditional honey which is created when bees collect nectar from flowers, our honey is created from the honeydew left behind by aphids that extract and feed on the sap of the fir trees.

Much care is needed not only in harvesting this exquisite type of honey, but also for the bees themselves, in order to maintain a balance within this unique ecosystem found nowhere else. This rare, raw honey is a product of organic farming. Its exclusivity , thick caramel-like texture and pearlescent luster make this a world-class honey bursting with extraordinary flavor and aroma, unlike any other.

This Organic Greek honey from fir is one of the most rare and exclusive varieties in the world.

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Origin of HoneyUrsprung
Mainalo, Grekland

Floral Source of HoneyBlommans källa

Raw Food ItemRaw Food