Ekologisk Olivolja Med Äkta Vit Tryffel

229 kr

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Superior quality organic olive oil combined with the rare white truffle / Tuber magnatum Pico. Can be found in limited reserve of 100ml e/3,38 fl.oz.

Our olive trees blossom in the pristine, pure and unchanged for years soil around ancient Sparta and give us this divine fruit. It is cold-pressed the same

day to preserve health benefits, low acidity (0,2 to 0,4) and luxury taste

The combination with rich, earthy flavor of white truffle make this superior category organic olive oil absolutely divine. Considered to be the truffle,

enjoining the greatest international recognition. We use the famous, for its distinct aroma, white truffle(Tuber magnatum pico).

It is the most valuable truffle type, it is considered as the"precious diamond" of gastronomy and is found mainly in the region of Piedmont - northwest Italy, 

in the countryside around Alba, also from other Italian regions such as Molise.

Our organic olive oil is from Athenolia olive variety and our truffle comes from Alba and Molise.

Note: This luxury delicasy is perfect for pasta, salad , meat and fish. Or you can add a few drops in natural yoghurt to create your own sauce, the taste will be divine.

Amount: 100ml

Brand: Eulogia of sparta