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Our limited reserve is the epitome of superior Greek olive oil. Athenolia olives, heralded as the best and most sought, after cultivar, are exclusively used to produce this single varietal olive oil that has been perfected within the legendary Mediterranean terroir of Sparta.

The soil where the olive trees grow, remain untouched for thousands of years. Harvested by hand from organic olive groves and pressed within hours, this olive oil has remained unchanged over the years. 

Just like our ancestors before us, this olive is sustainably and organically produced in harmony with nature. 100% cold-pressed and non-filtered, from the first pressing of the olives - Athenolia variety - from our family owned olive groves.

It delivers the best flavor, the most antioxidants and the least acidity. A wealth of global research proves that extra-virgin olive oil is the best for our health.

  • Unfiltered 
  • Certified Organic
  • Maximum 0,3% acidity

About the taste: Bold, bitter yet fruity. An unmistakable Greek Masterpiece

Amount: 500ml

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